Pharmacy Careers

Pharmacy is the cornerstone of every locally owned Shoppers Drug Mart®/ Pharmaprix® store. The practice of Pharmacy is our focus, and we are passionate about it.


HealthWATCH® Pharmacists are employed by Shoppers Drug Mart®/Pharmaprix® Associate/Owners, who offer the right environment and incentives for personal and professional growth with new and exciting concepts in patient care, technology and professional development.

When you become a member of the Shoppers Drug Mart®/Pharmaprix®team, you will be encouraged to advance your education and pursue special designations, and will be provided with unparalleled support in achieving your professional goals. As an integral member of a community health care team, you will work with trained Pharmacy Assistants to make a difference to the health and well being of Canadians. To date, more than 350 HealthWATCH® Pharmacists have achieved the designation of Diabetes Educators and more than 80 are Accredited Consultant Pharmacists, with expertise in geriatric pharmacotherapy for long-term care facilities. Many others have been certified as facilitators to deliver disease management workshops to other pharmacists as part of Shoppers Drug Mart®/Pharmaprix®’s commitment to continuing education.

Becoming an Associate/Owner

Shoppers Drug Mart®/Pharmaprix®stores are owned and operated by Pharmacists. There is no initial financial investment required, and Associate/Owners benefit from the management efficiencies inherent in being part of the Shoppers Drug Mart®/Pharmaprix®family. For those who require training in management, finance, communication and/or leadership, learning occurs through interactive distance learning, on-the-job training and coaching/mentoring. Explore our current Franchise Opportunities to find out more.

Making the Move to Corporate Pharmacy

HealthWATCH® Pharmacists who wish to work in a corporate environment have the opportunity to move into various positions in our Corporate or regional offices. Many of our executives are Pharmacists who started their careers with Shoppers Drug Mart®/Pharmaprix® in the dispensary.

Making It All Balance

We provide you with more career choices than any other pharmacy organization in Canada. What’s more, we make life-work balance easier. You can tailor your work schedule to fit your lifestyle. You will also enjoy excellent benefits and incentives. With more than 1,300 stores from coast to coast and growing, the organization can provide you with greater flexibility and mobility to move to a different city.

Pharmacy Assistant

When it comes to your career as a Pharmacy Assistant, we believe that you can make a change for the better.

Our Associate Owners are currently seeking experienced, caring and highly organized team players in their independently owned and operated stores, who are eager to build on their successful pharmacy career.

You will meet and greet patients at the Pharmacy and help ensure their experience is an exceptional one. You will ensure accuracy in filling prescriptions and working closely with the Pharmacist to provide a high level of service our patients have come to expect. You continue to learn and develop new skills to find more ways to care for each patient, and in doing so, you will earn the trust and confidence of your team and patients you serve through the great work you do daily.